HydraCheck Inc. Datasheets for Hose Fittings

Hose fittings are a category of components used to connect hoses and tubes for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations.
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Product Name Notes
PD Series couplings provide easy connection for pressure gauges and/or specialized diagnostic equipment. Typically PD nipples are permanently mounted in the system at threaded test ports, in rigid tubing, or...
The hose union is used to join two microbore hose assemblies together, or to connect a microbore hose end to a direct gauge adaptor. Both male ends have a M16x2...
The hose/gauge bulkhead adaptor makes it convenient for you to “solid mount” a pressure gauge to a console or bulkhead. The microbore hose assembly conveniently screws onto the bulkhead adaptor.
The PD Series test coupler is designed to make the gauge connection to a PD Series test nipple, safe, effortless and spill-free! Screw the test coupler directly onto the 1/4″
This adapter has been constructed to enable an adaptation between the 5/8″-14 BSF system (HSP) to the world wide used M16x2 system. Just screw our adapter onto the HSP –