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Pickering Laboratories, Inc. Datasheets for Inorganic Chemicals and Compounds

Inorganic chemicals, inorganic salts and inorganic compounds are substances of mineral origin that do not contain carbon in their molecular structure.
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Product Name Notes
Glyphosate Column Regenerant
Glyphosate Potassium Phosphate Eluant
Lithium Column Regenerant
Lithium Diluent, pH 2.36, for calibration standards/prepared samples
Lithium Eluant, pH 2.75
Lithium Eluant, pH 2.80
Lithium Eluant, pH 2.92
Lithium Eluant, pH 3.57
Lithium Eluant, pH 3.65
Lithium Eluant, pH 3.75
Lithium Eluant, pH 7.50
Potassium Chloride Eluant, KO3
Potassium Column Regenerant
Potassium Hydroxide Eluant, KO2
Potassium Phosphate Eluant, KO1
Potassium Phosphate Eluant, pH 5.63
Potassium Phosphate Eluant, pH 6.00
Sodium Column Regenerant
Sodium Diluent, pH 2.20
Sodium Eluant, pH 2.70
Sodium Eluant, pH 3.15, with 5 % Sulfolane
Sodium Eluant, pH 3.15
Sodium Eluant, pH 3.28
Sodium Eluant, pH 3.33, with 2.5 % Sulfolane
Sodium Eluant, pH 4.25
Sodium Eluant, pH 6.40
Sodium Eluant, pH 7.40
Sodium Phosphate Eluant, pH 3.30