Security Camera Warehouse Datasheets for Vibration Isolators and Machine Mounts

The vibration isolators and machine mounts product area includes a wide range of devices used to keep

machines, motor vibration, and other appliances level, stabilized and insulated from the dangers of vibration.

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Product Name Notes
16CH video balun, Rack Mounted 16CH video balun (rack mount) LTAB1160R Additional Information Passive/Active Passive
3 Feet Ceiling Mount Extension Pole for SCPEX803/SCPEX55W Speed Dome
3 Feet Ceiling Mount for PTZ Speed Dome (Model SCPEX803/SCPEX55W)
3 Foot Straight Ceiling PTZ Mounting Bracket
6 Feet Straight Ceiling Mount Bracket for PTZEX803/PTZEX55W Speed Dome Camera
6 Foot Straight Ceiling PTZ Mounting Bracket
6 inch Drop Pole Ceiling Mount Bracket for SCPEX52
8 inch Ceiling Mount for PTZ Speed Dome SCPEX803
Ceiling Camera Mount for PTZ Speed Dome Cameras, support models SCPEX803 and PSCPEX55W-XXX.
DVCHHF C-mount Housing Description This housing is designed for surviving consistent, brutal, attacks on your c-mount cameras. Inside the housing there is a fan for the hot temperatures the camera...
DVCHODPLSHB C-mount Housing Key Features Outdoor Side Open Camera Housing with Heat and Fan Material/Color: Nylon + Fiber Glass / Beige Dimension: 390(L) x 151(W) x 145(H) mm Suitable Camera...
Inside corner bracket for SCPEX803/SCPEX55W External PTZ Dome Camera Converts a standard wall bracket in to an inside corner fixing bracke
LTB303B Technical Specs Indoor Camera Bracket Swivel 360o, Tilt 90o Max. Load 3.3 lbs Plastic, Black
LTB303W Technical Specs Indoor Camera Bracket Swivel 360o, Tilt 90o Max. Load 3.3 lbs Plastic, White
LTB305 Technical Specs Outdoor Housing Bracket , Aluminum, Beige Max Load: 10Kg Dimension: 83(W) x 99(L) x 255(H) mm Swivel angle: 360° Tilt angle: 90° N.W. G.W Cu’ft: 11kg, 12kg,...
LTB308 Technical Specs Cable Managed Bracket, Metal, Beige Max Load: 10Kg Dimension: 208(L) x 75(W) x 115(H) mm Swivel angle: 360 Tilt angle: 120 N.W. G.W Cu’ft: 11.2kg, 13.5kg, 2.3Cu’ft...
LTB327 Product Description This is an dome mounting bracket. It mounts the side of a wall. You can use the mounting bracket indoors or outdoors. LTB327 Product Key Features Dome...
LTDVF2.8-12 C-Mount/CS-Mount Lens Specifications Chip Set Requirement: 1/3" Image Size Zoom Type: 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom, Manual Focus Aperture Range: 1.4-360 M.O.D: 0.1m Angle of View: 95.6o-22.1o Field: 76.2~3.4 Mount:CS-mount...
LTDVF5.0-100 C-Mount/CS-Mount Lens Description Here is the widest range varifocal lens we have. This lens has a range from a 5mm to 100mm setting. At the 100mm setting, your max...
LTDVF6.0-60 C-Mount/CS-Mount Lens Here we have a c-mount/cs-mount 6.0mm fixed lens. This lens is best pared with c-mount cameras with a 1/4" or 1/3" chip-set. The 6.0mm lens will give...
Outside Corner Bracket for Ceiling Mount for PTZ Speed Dome SCPEX803/EX55W
PTZ Camera Indoor Corner Mounting Bracket
PTZ Camera Outdoor Corner Mounting Bracket
Right Angle Bracket for PTZ Speed Dome Camera.
Swan Neck Pole Mount for SCPEX803 or SCPEX55W Series
Used to convert the wall mount bracket provided with SCPEX803/EX55W external dome cameras to a pole mount.
Wall Mount Bracket for SCPEX51 *Only designed for this model.
WM-CEILING-LCD Technical Specs Computer LCD Monitor Ceilling Mount 190° Swivel ±20° Tilt Maximum load: 44lbs VESA Standard 50 / 75 / 100mm 15.5in-22.8in Length Support 10in-30in Monitor Size
Camera bracket with T-Bar For screwless mounting onto ceiling with panel divider Aluminum/beige
LCD Monitor Wall Mount / Double Arm 33 lbs Max Load / 180 ° Swivel / ±45 Tilt 75/100mm mounting holes