Define Instruments Datasheets for Sensor Transmitters

Sensor transmitters are measurement or signal conditioning packages that provide a standard, calibrated output from a sensor or transducer in the form of a current loop output (e.g., 4-20 mA).
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Product Name Notes
Javelin 2-Wire Isolated Transmitter, Universal Input, 4-20mA Output -- Javelin What it does: The Javelin accepts one of several popular input signal types and outputs a 4-20mA signal. Input types: RTD, mA, V, Pot, TC The Javelin is a loop...
4-Wire Isolated Transmitter, Universal Input, 4-20mA or 0-10V Output -- TM-4DPI What it does: The TM-4DPI accepts one of several input signal types and generates one of four commonly required outputs: 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V, &plusm;10V. The TM-4DPI is designed for applications...
Sentry Trip Amplifier -- Sentry
Sentry Trip Amplifier -- Sentry (No LCD Display)
The Sentry Trip Amplifier can be used for a myriad of control and alarm applications, and will also be at home in the signal conditioning arena. It accepts analog inputs...
2-Wire Isolated Transmitter, Universal Input, 4-20mA Output -- TM-2DLI This versatile 2-wire transmitter accepts a range of standard input types, and outputs a 4-20mA loop. USB programming is hassle free, and takes less than a minute using Define ToolBox.