MOXTEK, Inc. Datasheets for Optical Polarizers

Optical polarizers are optical devices that can transform unpolarized or natural light into polarized light, usually by the selective transmission of polarized rays.
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Product Name Notes
Broadband Infrared Polarizer -- ProFLux® BIR04A
Broadband Infrared Polarizer -- ProFLux® BIR05A
IR Polarizers The BIR Infrared Series polarizers are designed for applications that use infrared wavelengths between 700nm and 2500nm. High Contrast and High Transmission are the two polarizer types for...
Pixelated Polarizer Pixelated Polarizers Moxtek® has added versatility to polarization applications with development of Pixelated polarizers, designed using Moxtek Nanowire® Technology. These patterned polarizers are available as two, three and...
Visible Light High Contrast Polarizer -- ProFLux® PPL04C
Visible Light High Transmission Polarizer -- ProFLux® PPL05C
Visible Light Ultra Contrast Polarizer -- ProFLux® PFU04C
Visible Light Ultra High Transmission Polarizer -- ProFLux® PFU01C
Visible Light Ultra Transmission Polarizer -- ProFLux® PFU05C
PPL and PFU Series Visible Light Polarizers The Visible Light Series wire-grid polarizes are the standard inorganic polarizer for the visible wavelengths. Reliability testing has shown no degradation after 5000...
Wire-Grid Beamsplitters -- ICE Cube™ CAS00070 Moxtek’s ICE Cube™ is optimized for use over a wide range of acceptance angles while maintaining color uniformity and image contrast in the visible wavelength ranges. The ICE Cube allows...
Inorganic Absorptive Polarizer -- ProFLux® ABS Series ProFlux® polarizers are designed using Moxtek® Nanowire® Technology to optimally control light and image polarization. These polarizers are compatible with high energy and high temperature environments. Standard ProFlux polarizers are...
UV Polarizer -- ProFLux® UVD240A
UV Polarizer -- ProFLux® UVD260A
UV Polarizer -- ProFLux® UVT240A
UV Polarizer -- ProFLux® UVT254A
UV Polarizer -- ProFLux® UVT260A
UV Polarizer -- ProFLux® UVT300A
ProFlux® Nanowire® Ultraviolet polarizers offer excellent solutions for UV and DUV applications. High transmission and high contrast choices are available. The high transmission products are indicated by UTV...
Ultra-Broadband Polarizer -- ProFLux® UBB01A
Ultra-Broadband Polarizer -- ProFLux® UBB02A
Ultra Broadband polarizer’s are designed to offer an excellent solution for almost any multi-wavelength application. The wide-band characteristics of this polarizer, enables a wide range of products and technologies. Performance...