MOXTEK, Inc. Datasheets for Optical Windows

Optical windows are used to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass relatively unimpeded.
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Product Name Notes
Polymer X-ray Window -- AP3.3
Polymer X-ray Window -- AP3.7
AP3 Ultra-thin Polymer X-ray Windows are the highest performing x-ray windows available for low energy x-ray analysis. AP3 windows are ideal for applications that require high x-ray transmission of light...
X-ray Windows -- DuraBerylium® DuraBeryllium windows are composed of high purity beryllium and a thin layer of DuraCoat®. DuraCoat is a low-Z material that when applied to beryllium creates a hermetic, corrosion...
Sealed Proportional Counter Window -- 125
Sealed Proportional Counter Window -- 600
Moxtek® Sealed Proportional Counter Windows allow high transmission of low-energy x-rays (including Boron). These windows are ideal for sealed proportional counter applications that require analysis of light elements, such...
Polymer X-ray Window -- ProLINE™ 10 Series
Polymer X-ray Window -- ProLINE™ 20 Series
ProLINE Series X-ray windows are available in typical sizes used in wavelength dispersive spectrometers such as those from major wavelength dispersive equipment manufacturers. ProLINE Series x-ray windows provide an excellent...