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Lee Co. (The) Datasheets for Uncategorized Products

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Product Name Notes
Manifolds are reliable solutions compared to the traditional approach of just tubing together discrete components, such as fewer leak points, lower internal volumes, and ease of installaiton into the instrument.
MINSTAC is miniature inert system of tubing and components used to couple together various active components such as solenoid valves and pumps in a fluid control system. The tubing assembly...
The Kipster is a miniature peak pressure recorder. Each Kipster contains a pressure sensitive disc which permanently and irreversibly deforms a calibrated amount in relation to the peak pressure sensed.
The Lee Burst-Sert™ Rupture Disc is a single use isolation device that provides reliable, high pressure relief in a leak-tight, corrosion resistant package. The Burst-Sert is designed to seal a...