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Product Name Notes
Universal Flame Test Lamp -- FGD-PDS-TL-MP-Kit The TL-MP-EX(-X) is a rechargeable, hand-held unit that is certified Class I Division1 for hazardous areas. The TL-MP-EX(-X) tests the response of the detectors with a highly accurate fire simulation...
Flame Simulator for Rosemount™ 975HR -- FGD-PDS-FS-HR-975
Flame Simulator for Rosemount™ 975MR -- FGD-PDS-FS-IR-975
Flame Simulator for Rosemount™ 975UF and 975UR -- FGD-PDS-FS-UVIR-975
To be fully secure against fire, flame detector self-testing is not enough. According to most local jurisdictional authorities and as required for SIL2 compliance, you need to test and ensure...