Johnson Electric North America, Inc. Datasheets for Engine Starters

Engine starters provide the initial rotation for internal combustion engines. They cause the pistons to move before ignition, enabling the engine to turn over so that it can then operate under its own power.
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Product Name Notes
AC Starters -- PP-SB-D250
AC Starters -- PP-SB-G200
AC Starters -- PP-SB-G300
AC Starters -- U7315-001
AC Starters -- U7345-001
The AC Starter series provides a range of technology platforms with output power to match engine sizes 200 cc to 500 cc. Johnson Electric provides the industry standard in this...
DC Starters -- PP-HD-001
DC Starters -- PP-LD-001
DC Starters -- PP-LD-002
DC Starters -- PP-MD-002
DC Starters -- PP-MD-004
DC Starters -- PP-MD-006
DC Starters -- PP-MD-007
DC Starters -- PP-MD-008
DC Starters -- PP-MD-020
DC Starters -- PP-MD-021
DC Starters -- PP-MD-022
DC Starters -- PP-MD-023
DC Starters -- PP-MD-024
The DC Starter series provides a range of technology platforms to suit applications ranging from ATV’s and motorcycles to ride-on lawn mowers. Starters are available in low voltage DC (up...