Johnson Electric North America, Inc. Datasheets for Electric Rotary Actuators

Electric rotary actuators drive components rotationally via electromagnetic power. They typically have control and indexing capabilities.
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Product Name Notes
Headlamp Actuators -- EEB7
Headlamp Actuators -- EED7
Headlamp Actuators -- ELB4
Headlamp Actuators -- ELD4
Johnson Electric is the market and technology leader for Lighting Actuators. The Saia-Burgess brand of head lamp actuators includes the EED, EEB and ELD, ELB platforms. The stepper motor based...
HVAC Actuators -- 00-900 FEEDBACK
HVAC Actuators -- 00-900 ON-OFF
HVAC Actuators -- 08-1000
HVAC Actuators -- 09-900
HVAC Actuators -- 10-730 FEEDBACK
HVAC Actuators -- 10-730 ON-OFF
HVAC Actuators -- 11-620 GREEN HS
HVAC Actuators -- 11-620 GREEN HT
HVAC Actuators -- 11-620 GREEN LT
HVAC Actuators -- 11-620 RED HT
HVAC Actuators -- 11-620 RED LT
HVAC Actuators -- 11-670 ON-OFF
HVAC Actuators -- 11-670 PULSE COUNT
HVAC Actuators -- EAD01
HVAC Actuators -- EAD02
HVAC Actuators -- EAD03
HVAC Actuators -- EFB
The EVD and EFB stepper technologies based HVAC actuator platforms, under the Saia-Burgess brand, are typically favored by European OEMs. These actuator platforms are custom engineered for integration in specific...
Grill Shutter Actuators -- GS + 2/3/5
Grill Shutter Actuators -- GS D 2/3/4
The Saia-Burgess GS product platform offers the industry’s widest speed and torque range in a compact package. These actuator modules align with the design requirements of automatic grill shutters in...