Johnson Electric North America, Inc. Datasheets for Piezoelectric Motors

Piezoelectric motors use a piezoelectric ceramic element to produce ultrasonic vibrations of an appropriate type in a stator structure. The consequent movement can either be rotational or linear depending on the design of the structure.
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Product Name Notes
Miniature Piezo Motors -- EM1-S-O
Miniature Piezo Motors -- EM1-V-O
Miniature Piezo Motors -- ST-1S
Miniature Piezo Motors -- ST-1V
Johnson Electric provides miniature piezo motors in two platform technologies. The Nanomotion brand EDGE motor series is the smallest industrial motor of its kind available in the marketplace today. Providing...
Silent Piezo Motors -- ER-15 Johnson Electric provides revolutionary piezo motor technologies for defense applications that require silent and backlash free operation. The Nanomotion brand ER series leverages the advantages of piezo motion technology packaged...
High Force Piezo Motors -- HR1
High Force Piezo Motors -- HR2
High Force Piezo Motors -- HR3
High Force Piezo Motors -- HR4
Nanomotion HR Series high force motors are high precision ceramic motors. Designed and manufactured under the Nanomotion brand, HR motors combine unlimited stroke with high resolution in compact dimensions. HR...
Low Speed Piezo Motors -- LS2
Low Speed Piezo Motors -- LS4
Low Speed Piezo Motors -- LS8
Nanomotion LS series motors are the ideal solution for repetitive step and settle applications with zero servo dither. These motors provide unlimited travel and step resolution better than 20 nm.