SAS Automation, LLC Datasheets for Hand Tools

Hand tools are manually-operated tools that fit in the hand.
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Product Name Notes
Tubing Cutter -- TC 6 cutting edges on each blade insert One handed operation and cutter lock Integrated 1m tape measure
Sprue Cutters -- MP-35H
Sprue Cutters -- MR-10H
Sprue Cutters -- MR-20H
Sprue Cutters -- MR-30H
Sprue Cutters -- MR-50H
Automatic (A-Type) is fixture mountable Hand operated (H-Type) features a safety lever Standard and special blades available (see Nip-It! section for Type-I blade information
Work Finisher -- WF Space age ceramics make safe deburring possible with Work Finisher's unique nonblade like edge. Deburrs hard plastics effortlessly withough cutting hands and fingers Ideal for curved and complicated shapes Excels...