SAS Automation, LLC Datasheets for Chucks

Chucks are attachments used to hold a workpiece or cutting tool on a machine tool. This product area covers a variety of chuck types, including: core, diaphragm, draw bar, electrostatic, gear, grinding, lathe, milling, pull down, roll, safety, scroll, universal, and vacuum chucks.
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Product Name Notes
Adaptable to every robot Economical, one-time investment per robot Makes EOAT interchangeable between robots Minimizes downtime during setup changes EOAT Gripper stays aligned & secure Integrated pneumatic quick disconnect system...
All the benefits of our SWM Quick Change Mounting Chuck plus no need for hose clearance below the chuck. No need for hose clearance below the chuck Automatically couples air...
Used in automatic robotic tool change application Integrated pneumatic and electrical connections Master plate and Tool plate sold separate Includes electrical connectors