EBARA Technologies, Inc. Datasheets for High Vacuum Pumps

High and ultrahigh vacuum pumps operate efficiently in the high vacuum region and develop molecular flow for highly evacuated systems.
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Product Name Notes
EMT Series Turbomolecular Pump -- EMT1300
EMT Series Turbomolecular Pump -- EMT2400
EMT Series Turbomolecular Pump -- EMT3260
EMT Series Turbomolecular Pump -- EMT390
EMT Series Turbomolecular Pump -- EMT420
EMT Series Turbomolecular Pump -- EMT900
The EMT Series offers five major types of turbomolecular pumps - temperature-controlled, corrosion resistant, ultra low vibration, radiation resistant, and ultra high vacuum. The EMT Series turbomolecular pumps features a...
ET-WS Series Turbo Pump -- ET-1301WS
ET-WS Series Turbo Pump -- ET-1600WS
ET-WS Series Turbo Pump -- ET-2500WS
ET-WS Series Turbo Pump -- ET-300WS
ET-WS Series Turbo Pump -- ET-3300WS
ET-WS Series Turbo Pump -- ET-450WS
ET-WS Series Turbo Pump -- ET-600WS
The ET Series offers two major types of turbomolecular pumps - high compression, ET-H Series turbomolecular pumps, and a wide range corrosion resistant, ET-WS Series. The ET turbomolecular pumps features...