Sensidyne, LP Datasheets for Gas Instruments

Gas instruments detect, monitor or analyze gases present in an environment.
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Product Name Notes
Four Channel Controller -- 7013227-1
Four Channel Controller with DC Strobe -- 7013227-2
Four Channel Controller • NEMA 4X, UL Listed Enclosure • 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC • Visual and Audible Annunciation • Discrete LED and LCD Displays • Automatic Sensor Recognition...
Model 9000 2-Channel Controller -- 820-0101-01 NEMA 4X UL Listed Enclosure Accepts Two 4-20 mA Inputs Graphic Backlit LCD Display Common Alarm Relays (2) Discrete LED Alarm Annunciation (6) Optional Discrete Alarm Relays (6) Optional 4-20...
SensAlarm Universal Gas Monitor -- 7013623 Plug-in SensAlert® sensors automatically configure the system for the gas type, range, engineering units and alarm levels. User configurable alarms and serial address. With active temperature compensation, the sensors are...
SensAlert Plus 2-Wire GP Transmitter -- 820-0201-01
SensAlert Plus 2-Wire HD Transmitter -- 820-0203-01
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire GP Transmitter -- 820-0202-01
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire GP Transmitter -- 820-0202-03
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire HD Transmitter-B -- 820-0204-02
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire IS GP Transmitter -- 820-0202-04
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire IS HD Transmitter -- 820-0204-04
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire XP Transmitter-B -- 820-0206-02
Smart Sensor Technology enables SensAlertPlus to automatically recognize and configure to the gas type and range of the sensor, using the latest calibration data. The Predictive Sensor Failure (PSF) function...
Model 7100 Multi-Channel Controller -- 7013931-1
Model 7100 Multi-Channel Controller -- 7013931-2
The Model 7100 Multi Channel Digital Controller accepts 4-20mA, RS-485 or direct sensor inputs for display, alarm, and output on RS-485. There are three common alarm relays with a separate...
Compressed Breathing Air Analysis Kit -- 7015406 The Sensidyne Compressed Breathing Air (CBA) Analysis Kit allows anyone to simply, quickly, and quantitatively measure all four of the common contaminants in breathing air, plus oxygen defeciency.