Sensidyne, LP Datasheets for Gas Transmitters

Gas transmitters consist of an enclosure, sensor, and electronics that convert a signal from a gas sensor into an analog output signal (typically 4-20 mA).
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Product Name Notes
Explosion-Proof Transmitter -- 7013377
Heavy Duty Universal Transmitter -- 7013893-1
Universal RS-485 Transmitter -- 7013346-1
Adding Alarm Relays and RS-485 Output to the SensAlert ® Universal Transmitter opens up many new applications and integration possibilities. The serial output uses Modbus RTU protocol, and a 4-20...
Explosion-Proof Transmitter -- 7013276-1
Explosion-Proof Transmitter -- 7013276-2
Explosion-Proof Transmitter -- 7013347-1
Heavy Duty Universal Transmitter -- 7013183-1
Heavy Duty Universal Transmitter -- 7013183-2
Heavy Duty Universal Transmitter -- 7013306-2
Heavy Duty Universal Transmitter -- 7013941-1
Heavy Duty Universal Transmitter -- 7013941-2
NEMA 4X Universal 4-20mA Transmitter -- 7013182-1
NEMA 4X Universal 4-20mA Transmitter -- 7013182-2
NEMA 4X Universal 4-20mA Transmitter -- 7013305-2
Labor-saving is how major users describe the SensAlert ® Universal Transmitter. Introduced three years ago, it uses advanced components and rigorous ergonomic design, to significantly improve reliability and reduce maintenance.
SensAlert Plus 2-Wire GP Transmitter -- 820-0201-01
SensAlert Plus 2-Wire HD Transmitter -- 820-0203-01
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire GP Transmitter -- 820-0202-01
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire GP Transmitter -- 820-0202-03
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire HD Transmitter-B -- 820-0204-02
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire IS GP Transmitter -- 820-0202-04
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire IS HD Transmitter -- 820-0204-04
SensAlert Plus 3-Wire XP Transmitter-B -- 820-0206-02
Smart Sensor Technology enables SensAlertPlus to automatically recognize and configure to the gas type and range of the sensor, using the latest calibration data. The Predictive Sensor Failure (PSF) function...
Infrared Gas Transmitter -- 7013313-1 ATEX approved, no oxygen required, linear K-factor calibration