Traceable® Products Datasheets for Wipes and Wipers

Wipes and wipers include wet, dry, and biocide-saturated microfiber cloth, paper, foam, and nonwoven sheets for medical, fiber optic, laboratory, electronic, and other critical cleaning applications.
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Product Name Notes
Clean-Wipes™ -- Model 2060
Clean-Wipes™ -- Model 2061
Clean-Wipes™ -- Model 2065
New universal clean-up tool Premoistened Clean-Wipes™ clean up even the dirtiest parts. Non-woven cloths are moistened with a blend of pure, reagent-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% reagent-grade deionized water,...
Optik-Wipes™ -- Model 2067 One swipe makes eye glasses sparkle. Designed specifically for wiping goggles, lenses, eyeglasses, gauge windows, plastic glasses, fume hood windows, optical parts, and microscopes/magnifiers. Clean smudges, dirt, dust, and the...