G.L. Huyett Datasheets for Cotter Pins and Wire Clips

Cotter pins and wire clips are penetrating and coupling mechanical fasteners. They are easy to install and remove. Cotter pins come in several forms, with each designed for a specific kind of assembly. Some cotter pins are suitable for use as shear pins.

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Product Name Notes
A self-locking bridge pin. The straight wire is inserted into a hole and the clip is twisted counterclockwise allowing the curved wire to lock itself into position.
Also known as hitch pin clips or hairpin cotter pins, bridge pins are the most common form of hitch pin retention. Available in steel zinc and stainless steel.
Commonly used to attach paper or shipping tags to loops, linens, fabrics, clothing, parcels, or meat products, deadlock tags are wire formed oval- or diamond-shaped fasteners that feature blunt, semi-blunt,...
Cotter pins are wire formed fasteners used externally in holed applications; they have been around for centuries. These low-cost and highly versatile fasteners are used virtually everywhere. Cotter pins can...
Similar action as bridge pins except hair pins are retained in a groove instead of a hole. Available in steel zinc or stainless steel.
Spring loaded wire that is self-securing when engaged. Simple and easy to use.