Dampney Company, Inc. Datasheets for Primers and Adhesion Promoters

Primers and adhesion promoters are applied to a substrate to enhance the bond strength between a surface coating (e.g., clear coats, adhesives) and the substrate.
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Product Name Notes
For under insulation, boiling water immersion grade, apply directly to hot steel up to 350F(176C) with service temperatures up to 450F (232C)
Pheonxy Zinc Rich Primer
Thurmalox 245 Primer is a high temperature, corrosion resistant primer formulated from silicone resins and zinc dust. Thurmalox 245 Primer provides outstanding corrosion protection for metal surfaces operating at temperatures...
Wash Primer Metal Conditioner for galvanized or aluminum surfaces for high temperature surfaces and can be topcoated with the 200 or 230 series. Used for galvanized or aluminum surfaces and...
Zinc silicone high temperature primer resistant to 1200F
Zinc silicone primer heat resistant to 500F
Zinc silicone primer, heat resistant ambient to 500F (260C)