Dampney Company, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.
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Product Name Notes
Endcor -- 460 A water-borne copolymer that is designed for application to rusted ferrous metal surfaces. When properly applied the coating converts the rusted surface to a dark, stable organic iron compound. This...
Elastoid -- 1300 Elastoid 1300 is a single-package, high-build, elastomeric coating and vapor barrier. It is formulated from multiphase synthetic rubber copolymers which interact to provide an unusual range of desirable chemical and...
Endcor -- 772 Endcor 772 protects steel surfaces subjected to immersion in fresh or salt water, exposure in tidal or splash zones, or burial in soil. It is effective on the interiors of...
Thurmalox® -- 218
Thurmalox® -- 219
For under insulation, boiling water immersion grade, apply directly to hot steel up to 350F(176C) with service temperatures up to 450F (232C)
Thurmalox® -- 260 Heat and Corrosion Resistant to 500F.Standard and Custom Colors Apply Directly to Hot Steel
Thurmalox® -- 200C Heat resistant coatings color stable to 500F
Thurmalox® -- 240 Heat resistant coatings from 1100F to 1400F (593C to 760C)
Thurmalox® -- 242 Heat resistant coatings from 1100F to 1600F (593C to 871C)
Thurmalox® -- 230 Heat resistant coatings stable to 1000F
Thurmalox® -- 230C Heat resistant coatings, color stable ambient to 1000F (538C).
Thurmalox® -- 200 Heat resistant coatings, color stable ambient to 500F (260C)
Thurmalox® -- 2600 High build coating, ambient to 600F (316C), for air pollution control equipment
Thurmalox® -- 280C High Temperature aluminum coating resistant to 1200F
Thurmalox® -- 280 High temperature aluminum coating, ambient to 1200F (649C)
Apexior® -- Number 1® One component, boiling water / steam immersion coating to 700F (371C)
Apexior® -- Number 3® One component, fresh / salt water immersion coating from -40F to 140F (-40C to 60C)
Endcor -- 860 Pheonxy Zinc Rich Primer
Thurmalox® -- 70 Prevents chloride induced external stress corrosion cracking from cryogenic to 1000F
Thurmalox® 250 -- Solar Coating Selective Black, silicone-based paint which collects heat more efficiently than ordinary black paint and resists out gassing to 400F. It is designed to selectively absorb wavelengths with the greatest heat...
Thurmalox® -- 70C Stainless steel coating prevents chloride induced external stress corrosion cracking to 1000F
Thurmalox® -- 260C Temperature indicating coatings with color change
Thurmalox® -- 245 Thurmalox 245 Primer is a high temperature, corrosion resistant primer formulated from silicone resins and zinc dust. Thurmalox 245 Primer provides outstanding corrosion protection for metal surfaces operating at temperatures...
Endcor -- 450 Used on Galvanized Surfaces (galvanile) and Aluminum for high temperature service.
Thurmalox® -- 225HD VOC compliant, high build coating from 300F to 1000F (148C to 538C)
Endcor -- 400 Wash Primer Metal Conditioner for galvanized or aluminum surfaces for high temperature surfaces and can be topcoated with the 200 or 230 series. Used for galvanized or aluminum surfaces and...
Thurmalox® -- 245C Zinc silicone high temperature primer resistant to 1200F
Thurmalox® -- 210C Zinc silicone primer heat resistant to 500F
Thurmalox® -- 210 Zinc silicone primer, heat resistant ambient to 500F (260C)
Dymacryl™ Formulated to beautify, extend the life, and preserve the appearance