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Electro-Sensors, Inc. Datasheets for Motor Speed Controllers

Motor speed controllers are electronic devices that control motor speed. They carry specifications for drive type, product classification, electrical ratings, and operating parameters.
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Product Name Notes
Closed Loop Motor Speed Controller Features • Security lockout • Diagnostics for easy troubleshooting • Isolated speed reference signal • 0.02% speed regulation in master and follower mode • Complete...
MicroSpeed Controller Features • 0.01% speed regulation in Master Mode • Zero cumulative error in Follower Mode • Isolated drive reference voltage • Incremental speed adjustment for operator control •
Synchronous Controller for Motor Drives Features • Index-follower (event/phase synchronization), Ratio-follower (electronic line-shaft) and Master modes • Smooth, tight closed-loop PID control re-calculates 1024 times/s • 6 digit setpoint precision...