Ed Fagan, Inc. Datasheets for Refractory and Reactive Metals

Refractory metals are a class of metals that are extraordinarily resistant to heat and wear and have extremely high melting points. Reactive metals have a strong affinity for oxygen and nitrogen at elevated temperatures and are highly resistant to corrosion at low temperatures.
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Product Name Notes
Rhenium Sheet Among the highest density element and melting point, rhenium does not have a ductile to brittle transition temperature and does not form carbides. High resistivity, combined with low vapor pressure,...
Coil/Strip DDQ
Coil/Strip Standard
Sheet and Plate DDQ
Sheet and Plate Standard
Many practical applications of Tungsten are based on its high melting point and density and its low vapor pressure. Tungsten is an excellent material for high vacuum technology, dimensional stability,...
Tungsten Rod Stock CG
Tungsten Plate Stock
Tungsten Rod Stock CS
Tungsten Sheet Stock
Many practical applications of Tungsten are based on its high melting point, high density, dimensional stability, and its low vapor pressure. Tungsten’s low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures makes it...
Coil/Strip Standard -- Moly TZM
Molybdenum Rod Stock Forged -- Moly TZM
Molybdenum Rod Stock GS -- Moly TZM
Sheet and Plate Standard -- Moly TZM
Molybdenum TZM is an alloy of 0.50% Titanium, 0.08% Zirconium and 0.02% Carbon with the balance Molybdenum. TZM alloy is manufactured by either P/M or Arc Cast technologies and is...
Molybdenum Rod Stock C&S
Molybdenum Rod Stock CG
Molybdenum's unique properties give rise to processes and applications in electronics, aerospace, nuclear and metal working industries which would not be possible with many of the more common metals and...
Niobium Foil/Coil Niobium, also termed Columbium, is a shiny grey metal that takes on a bluish tinge when exposed to air at room temperature. Due to its low capture cross section for...
Tantalum Foil/Coil Tantalum is famous for its resistance to corrosion by acids; in fact, below 150˚C, tantalum is almost completely immune to corrosion by aqua regia. Due to its resistance to attack...
Tungsten Alloy Rod
Tungsten Alloy Shapes, Boring Bars
Tungsten Alloys, which contain elements such as nickel, copper and iron, produce a host of alloys which have engineering properties similar to steel, are relatively easy to machine, and can...