Berry Plastics Corporation - Engineered Materials Division Datasheets for Packaging Tapes

Packaging tape is a rolled adhesive lining manufactured for sealing, wrapping, enclosing, and bundling to prepare items for handling, storage, or shipping. This includes packaging like shrink wrap and corrosion inhibiting films.
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Product Name Notes
Berry Plastics 704 GENERAL PURPOSE FILAMENT TAPE BOPP Fiberglass reinforced tape. Applications BOPP fiberglass reinforced tape for light-duty applications. *Strapping, Pallatizing, and Packaging. Features & Benefits *Excellent for industrial applications.
Berry Plastics 705 MULTI-PURPOSE GRADE FILAMENT TAPE BOPP glass reinforced tape for medium-duty packaging. Applications BOPP glass reinforced tape for medium-duty packaging with a mo0-directional filament. Features & Benefits ·
Berry Plastics 803 ECO0MY GRADE HOT MELT CARTON SEALING TAPE 1.6mil BOPP Film with synthetic rubber adhesive system. Applications Primarily used for sealing light-weight boxes subject to 0rmal shipping hazards.
Berry Plastics 813M GENERAL PURPOSE GRADE CARTON SEALING TAPE 1.9mil BOPP Film Carton Sealing tape with hot melt rubber adhesive. Applications Primarily used for sealing medium weight boxes subjected to...
Ludlow Tape HBS M-Tak M-Tak Mylar Supported Synthetic Rubber Transfer Tape with 54# Kraft Paper Liner (black print). Applications · Sealing poly bags, mailers, and envelopes· Corrugated, folding board stock.·
Ludlow Tape HBS T-Tak T-Tak Tissue Supported Synthetic Rubber transfer adhesive with 42# kraft paper liner (black print). Applications · Mounting heavy posters & signs.· Promotional displays.· Inventory tags on...
Ludlow Tape HPA 5300 5300 Series High Performance Acrylic Removable acrylic transfer adhesive with 42# kraft paper liner (black print). Applications · Paper to Paper · Signs & Posters· Envelope...
Nashua Tapes Products 320 FLATBACK PAPER TAPE General purpose flatback paper tape for packaging and splicing applications. Applications General purpose carton sealing and packaging. Splicing and tabbing applications. Features &
Patco 110-53 Heavy-duty Vinyl Tape. PVC backing with an acrylic-based PSA on a 53lb Kraft paper liner. Applications Masking protection during mediablast or shot-peening applications. Easy-to-use gasketing material. Abrasion protection.