Advanced Technical Materials, Inc. Datasheets for RF Waveguide Tees

RF waveguide tees are components that allow one signal (line) to branch into two or more lines.
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Product Name Notes
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 102-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 112-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 137-830A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 159-830A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 187-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 229-830A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 28-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 284-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 340-830A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 42-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 430-830A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 62-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 75-830A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Magic Tee -- 90-830A-6-6-6-6
E- and H-plane tee, internally tuned
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 102-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 112-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 137-820A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 159-820A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 187-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 229-820A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 28-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 284-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 34-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 340-820A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 42-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 430-820A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 62-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 650-820A-2-2-2-2
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 75-820A-6-6-6-6
Waveguide Hybrid Tee -- 90-820A-6-6-6-6
E- and H-plane tee, no internal tuning or matching
Waveguide Series Tee -- 102-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 112-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 137-800A-2-2-2
Waveguide Series Tee -- 159-800A-2-2-2
Waveguide Series Tee -- 187-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 229-800A-2-2-2
Waveguide Series Tee -- 28-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 284-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 34-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 340-800A-2-2-2
Waveguide Series Tee -- 42-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 430-800A-2-2-2
Waveguide Series Tee -- 62-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 650-800A-2-2-2
Waveguide Series Tee -- 75-800A-6-6-6
Waveguide Series Tee -- 90-800A-6-6-6
E-plane series tee
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 102-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 112-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 137-810A-2-2-2
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 159-810A-2-2-2
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 187-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 229-810A-2-2-2
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 28-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 284-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 34-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 340-810A-2-2-2
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 42-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 430-810A-2-2-2
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 62-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 650-810A-2-2-2
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 75-810A-6-6-6
Waveguide Shunt Tee -- 90-810A-6-6-6
H-plane shunt tee