Advanced Technology Products Datasheets for Plastic Tubing

Plastic tubing is tubing constructed from plastic compounds for use in fluid flow or structural systems, or as insulation or sheathing for electrical or heating assemblies.
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Product Name Notes
Armor-Weld™ Spatter Resistant Weld Tubing FLAME RESISTANT OLEFIN COVERED POLYURETHANE TUBING Features Flame Resistant Weld Spatter Resistant Oil Resistant UV Resistant Kink Resistant Abrasion Resistant Custom Bonding Available Custom Spiral Available Ether-Based Polyurethane Excellent Bend...
Custom Order Technibond® Tubing
Standard Spiral Technibond® Tubing
Standard Straight Technibond® Tubing
A new high-tech process allows us to bond Polyurethane Tubing into straight or spiral configurations creating organized groups. Harness all of your air, oil, water and electrical needs into one...
Nylochem™ Nylon Fractional Tubing
Nylochem™ Nylon Metric Tubing
For applications where heat or chemical resistance is a factor, we offer Nylon. Made in the USA.
Vinyl-Flex™ PVC Polyvinylchloride Fractional Tubing For general, low-pressure, industrial and food applications. Made in the USA
MonoShield™ Single-Core Spatter Resistant Weld Tubing For use in welding or severe-service applications, try ATP's "LE" polyurethane-weld tubing. Made in the USA
Imbibe™ NSF 61® LLDPE Fractional & Metric Tubing IMBIBE NSF 61 LLDPE exceeds FDA expectations for drinking water applications.
Value-Tube™ Polyethylene Fractional & Metric Tubing Made in the USA, Value-Tube is an economical choice.
Mercury™ PTFE Fractional & Metric Tubing Mercury PTFE offer excellent service in extremely harsh environments. Use PVC for general, low-pressure, industrial and food applications. Made in the USA
Surethane™ NSF 51® Polyurethane Fractional Tubing
Surethane™ NSF 51® Polyurethane Metric Tubing
Only the highest-quality materials go into manufacturing our Surethane Polyurethane tubing. Different Compounds and Durometers are available upon request. Made in the USA.
Surethane85™ 85A Polyurethane Tubing Surethane 85™ Polyurethane Tubing is an ultra-flexible, 85A durometer,softer version of Surethane® Polyurethane Tubing intended for applicationswhere maneuverability is required. Surethane 85™ is manufactured fromether-based resin, providing excellent resistance to...
Venus™ FEP Fractional & Metric Tubing Venus FEP tubing is a more durable alternative to PTFE, yet more flexible. It is UV resistant, abrasion resistant, and virtually chemically inert. Made in the USA.