JBC Technologies, Inc. Datasheets for Metal Shapes and Stock

Metal shapes and stock includes metals and alloys in the form of bars, rods, beams, plates, foils, and other standard shapes. Depending on the type of selection activity and application, a metal shape may be selected based on its material type or from specific mechanical properties relative to the service conditions.
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Product Name Notes
At JBC, we don’t just emboss and die cut foil. If desired, we’ll microperforate foils up to 60” wide as well to improve the acoustical performance of the finished part.
JBC’s capabilities include wide web embossing of 1-12 mil aluminum foil and 1-10 mil stainless steel up to 60” wide. Embossing, a process that adds a Z-axis to the material,...
Often used for thermal and electrical shielding applications, die cut foils can be embossed, micro-perforated, laminated to a pressure sensitive adhesive, a heat-activated film, or a combination of all the...