Accuratus Corporation Datasheets for Dielectric Ceramics and Substrates

Dielectric ceramics and substrates are electrical insulators with dielectric strength, dielectric constant and loss tangent values tailored for specific device applications.
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Product Name Notes
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 2020.025-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 2020.025-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 2020.040-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 2020.040-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 2020.060-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 3030.025-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 3030.025-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 3030.040-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 3030.040-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 3030.060-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 4545.025-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 4545.025-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 4545.040-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 4545.040-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 4545.060-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 5070.025-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 5070.025-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 5070.040-F
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 5070.040-L
Aluminum Nitride Substrate -- 5070.060-F
Accuratus maintains an inventory of standard aluminum nitride substrates for fast delivery requirements. They are stocked in industry standard thicknesses of .025 inches and .040 inches. We will be happy...
Alumina Extruded Rod -- 031AE
Alumina Extruded Rod -- 062AE
Alumina Extruded Rod -- 125AE
Alumina Extruded Rod -- 187AE
Alumina Extruded Rod -- 250AE
Alumina Extruded Rod -- 312AE
Alumina Extruded Rod -- 375AE
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 100750AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 125100AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 150125AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 175150AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 200175AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 225200AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 250225AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 300275AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 375250AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 437312AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 500375AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 750500AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 750562AC
Single-Bore Cast Alumina Tube -- 875625AC
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 031020AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 062031AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 125062AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 156094AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 187062AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 187094AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 250125AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 250187AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 312187AE
Single-Bore Extruded Alumina Tube -- 375250AE
Accuratus maintains an inventory of standard extruded and cast aluminum oxide, mullite and sialon shapes for fast delivery requirements. These are low cost, quality rods and tubes that can be...
Aluminum Oxide Custom Shapes Alumina is the most cost effective and widely used material in the family of engineering ceramics. The raw materials from which this high performance technical grade ceramic is made are...
Aluminum Nitride Custom Shapes Aluminum Nitride, formula AlN, is a newer material in the technical ceramics family. While its discovery occurred over 100 years ago, it has been developed into a commercially viable product...
Boron Nitride Custom Shapes Boron nitride is a white solid material in the as produced hot pressed form. It is a low porosity solid. It is easily machined into complex shapes using standard carbide...
Fused Silica Custom Shapes Fused silica is a noncrystalline (glass) form of silicon dioxide (quartz, sand). Typical of glasses, it lacks long range order in its atomic structure. It’s highly cross linked three dimensional...