ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. Datasheets for Ceramic Insulation and Textiles

Ceramic insulation and textiles are fibrous refractories or thermal insulation products that consist of ceramic fibers in bulk, cloth, batting, paper or rope forms.
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Product Name Notes
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-B -- KS20
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-C -- KS49
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-C -- KS50
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-C -- KS51
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-C -- KS52
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-C -- KS53
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-CH -- KS60
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-CH -- KS61
Alumina-Silica Moldable Type RS-CH -- KS62
ZIRCAR Alumina-Silica Insulating Blanket Type RS-C Moldable is composed of long, high strength ceramic fibers, with an inorganic alumina binder/rigidizing agent. It is a wet blanket that is shipped rolled...
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX56
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX57
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX58
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX59
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX60
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX61
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX63
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX64
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX66
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX67
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX69
Alumina Felt Type RS-3000 -- PX70
ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. offers a wide range of insulating refractory felts, papers and blankets. These non-woven, asbestos free, fiber-based products are engineered as thermal barrier materials. Commonly used in...
Alumina Moldable Sleeveing Type RS-MS -- MS80
Alumina Moldable Sleeveing Type RS-MS -- MS81
Alumina Moldable Sleeveing Type RS-MS -- MS82
Alumina Moldable Sleeveing Type RS-MS -- MS83
Alumina Moldable Sleeveing Type RS-MS -- MS84
Alumina Moldable Sleeveing Type RS-MS -- MS85
ZIRCAR Refractory Sheet Type RS-MS Moldable Sleeving is a moist woven alumina composite sleeving. It is supplied in a wet form ready for the fabrication of custom shapes. It can...
Silica Cloth Type SIL-1 -- NS51
Silica Cloth Type SIL-2 -- NS52
Silica Cloth Type SIL-3 -- NS53
ZIRCAR Type SIL Silica Cloths consists of high temperature  non textured amorphous silica fiber yarn, woven into an extremely strong fabrics. These non preshrunk textiles are ideal for applications with...