Micro Air Datasheets for Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters

Dust collectors are used in many processes to either recover valuable granular solid or powder from process streams or to remove granular solid pollutants from exhaust gases prior to venting to the atmosphere.
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Product Name Notes
Safety Filter -- Model SF400095
Safety Filter -- Model SF400099
• Increased Protection – Provides backup filtration in the event of primary filter failure • Two HEPA Filters 95% or 99.97% • Cam-Lock Design -- Positive Seal • Rated at...
REDMAX™ Cartridge Filters The RED • More Durable Media - Blend of cellulose and synthetic fibers is designed to provide a more durable media in a wide variety of dust collector applications and...
Ducted Downdraft Table -- DDT 4830
Ducted Downdraft Table -- DDT 7230
DOWNDRAFT WORK SURFACE – Draws the contaminants down and away from the worker’s breathing zone. Special deflectors create an even airflow across the table surface to ensure there are no...
Dust Collection System -- RP2
Dust Collection System -- RP4
Dust Collection System -- RP6
Dust Collection System -- RP6-2
Dust Collection System -- RP6-3
Dust Collection System -- RP8
Dust Collection System -- RP8-2
Dust Collection System -- RP8-3
FORCE™ Dust Collector -- FRP4
FORCE™ Dust Collector -- FRP6
FORCE™ Dust Collector -- FRP6-2
FORCE™ Dust Collector -- FRP6-3
FORCE™ Dust Collector -- FRP8
FORCE™ Dust Collector -- FRP8-3
FORCE™ Dust Collector -- FRP8-4
Twister Dust Collection System -- RP1
Micro Air® dust collectors are engineered from the ground up with innovative design, and features that provide what counts most in a dust collector: functionality. From fine dust to coarse...
Portable Air Cleaner -- MA4210
Portable Air Cleaner -- MC1500
Portable Air Cleaner -- RP2
Portable Air Cleaner -- TM1000
Portable Air Cleaner -- TM500
Micro Air® manufactures a complete line of portable collectors. from the TM1000 cartridge collector, for lighter duty or smaller volume applications to the MC1500 cartridge collector for heavy duty production.
Self Contained Downdraft Table -- EXTREME AIR Model XA23M
Self Contained Downdraft Table -- EXTREME AIR Model XA34M
Self Contained Downdraft Table -- EXTREME AIR Model XA38M
Self Contained Downdraft Table -- EXTREME AIR Model XA46M
Micro Air's® EXTREME AIR-MAX Downdraft Tables or the line of ducted dry or wet tables, provide a modular, portable and adjustable downdraft work surface ideal for welding, grinding, soldering, sanding...
Mist Collector -- OM3510
Mist Collector -- OM550DD
Mist Collector -- OM6000
Mist Collector -- OM6000DD
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM1200
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM2400
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM3600
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM800
Source Capture Collector -- MC1500
Source Capture Collector -- MC2500
Source Capture Collector -- MX3510
Source Capture Collector -- MX6000
Source Capture Collector -- RP2
Wet Downdraft Table -- HYDROMAX WC1200 / WCDDT2430
Wet Downdraft Table -- HYDROMAX WC2500 / WCDDT4830
Wet Downdraft Table -- HYDROMAX WC5000 / WCDDT7230
Source Capture is the most effective method of capturing industrial air pollutants. Micro Air® industrial source capture models are available in three types of filtration: Media Media units utilize a...
Clean Air Booths (CAB) The Micro Air® Clean Air Booth (CAB) is a unique blend of simple modular construction and leading edge air cleaning technology. It's a self-contained, ductless system that provides maximum manufacturing...