Micro Air Datasheets for Mist Collectors

Mist collectors reduce the amount of mist in the workplace atmosphere.
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Product Name Notes
Portable Air Cleaner -- MA4210 Micro Air® manufactures a complete line of portable collectors. from the TM1000 cartridge collector, for lighter duty or smaller volume applications to the MC1500 cartridge collector for heavy duty production.
Mist Collector -- OM3510
Mist Collector -- OM550DD
Mist Collector -- OM6000
Mist Collector -- OM6000DD
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM1200
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM2400
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM3600
MISTMAX® Mist Collector -- MM800
Source Capture Collector -- MX3510
Source Capture is the most effective method of capturing industrial air pollutants. Micro Air® industrial source capture models are available in three types of filtration: Media Media units utilize a...