MTC Industries & Research Carmiel Ltd. Datasheets for Rotary Position Sensors

Rotary position sensors include potentiometers, resolvers and a variety of magnetic and capacitive technologies. Sensors are designed for angular displacement less than one turn or for multiturn displacement.
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Product Name Notes
Multispeed Resolver -- MR-20-03 MR-20-03 Multi-Speed Resolver, a special design for stator/rotor slot combination optimization, common space harmonics reduction and angular accuracy improvement; the increased number of pole-pairs effectively increases system resolution, proportionately reducing...
Dual Rotary Variable Differential Transducer -- RVDT-21-12
Dual Rotary Variable Differential Transducer -- RVDT-213
Rotary Variable Differential Transducer -- RVDT-08-02
Rotary Variable Differential Transducer -- RVDT-116
RVDT-08-02, for most applications where angle is measured, has output linearly proportional to angular position of shaft. Its rugged construction not only provides high performance and reliability, but also enhanced...
Multispeed Pancake Resolver -- DMR-26-03
Multispeed Pancake Resolver -- EMR-2509
The high accuracy multispeed pancake resolver was designed, developed and produced for military as well as special industrial applications. It can be made more compact than an optical encoder, and...
Resolver -- MR-15-12 The MR-15-12 is a highly reliable small size resolver designed for measuring accurate angular position for aerospace/military as well as industrial applications.