Redwood Plastics Datasheets for Hanger Bearings

Hanger bearings are used as rotational bearings for drive and screw conveyor shafts that are enclosed with a housing or trough.
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Product Name Notes
Redco™ 750 SXL Plastic Split Hanger Bearing Designed for use in high load, sliding, low temperature, and gritty environments. Redco™ 750SXL also has excellent self lubricating characteristics which make it ideal for applications which may experience dry...
Redco™ Nylon Hanger Bearing
Redco™ Polyurethane Hanger Bearing
Redco™ Teflon Hanger Bearing
Redco™ UHMW Hanger Bearing
Durable polymer alloys capable of performing better than brass, bronze or babbitt! Self Lubricating Excellent for impact and shock application Exceptional wear life and resistance to corrosion Low temperature resistance...
Redco™ Split Hanger Bearing Redco™ Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), also known as high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) or high performance polyethylene (HPPE), is a thermoplastic. It has extremely long chains, with molecular weight...