Euchner-U.S.A., Inc. Datasheets for Pendant Stations

Pendant stations are sophisticated, handheld terminals that are used to control robot or machine movements from point to point, within a determined space. They consist of a hanging control console furnished with joysticks, push-buttons or rotary cam switches.  
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Product Name Notes
Pendant Station -- HBA
Pendant Station -- HBAS
Pendant Station -- HBL
Pendant Station -- HBLS
Pendant Station -- HBM
EUCHNER Pendant Stations are hand held control devices that allow tasks such as machine setup, troubleshooting and maintenance to be performed at the point of operation. Their durable, lightweight, ergonomic...
Enabling Switch -- ZSE
Enabling Switch for Pendant Station -- ZXE
Euchner ZSG, ZSE and ZXE pushbuttons enabling switches are designed for use in pendant stations (HBA, HBE, HBL) and control panels provides a wide selection of two position (OFF-ON) (dead-man...
Enabling Switch -- ZSA The black body handheld top button ZSA enabling switch provides complete range of switching contacts and cables in an ergonomic design. Features 3 stage version Wide variety of configurations Tactical...
Enabling Switch -- ZSB The ZSB enabling switches provide extra function beyond an enabling switch. Features available on some ZSB enabling switches are E-stop, control pushbuttons, key selector switch and LED's. Features 3 stage...
Enabling Switch -- ZSG
Enabling Switch -- ZSM
The ZSM enabling switch is more than a trigger enabling switch. With modular design a large number of additional functions can be integrated including E-stop, LED's and a key-operated switch.
Enabling Switch -- ZSR The ZSR enabling switches provide extra function beyond an enabling switch. The yellow body handheld front button ZSR enabling switch provides range of switching contacts for your needs. Features 3...