ZGC, Inc. Datasheets for Caps, Grips, and Closures

Grips, caps and closures are protective devices for the ends of a shaft, tube, pipe, fitting, connector, screw, bar, or other shape. They can also be used to provide a hand grip or hanger tip.
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Product Name Notes
Cooke Front Cap for S4 Lenses Replacement Cap for Cooke S4 & S4/i Lenses
Cooke Front Lens Cap for Panchro Replacement Front Cap for Cooke Panchro Lenses
Cooke Rear lens PL cap Replacement Rear PL Cap for Cooke 5/i, S4/i & Panchro Lenses
P+S Mini35 PL Mount Front Cap As replacement. This cap is shown on the far right in the photo. This front cap attaches directly to IMS PL Mount when mounted...
P+S Replacement Cap for the Panasonic Relay for HVX