Delta Electronics (Americas) Datasheets for Digital Parallel and Serial Converters

These devices adapt data transmitted in a parallel port to a serial communication format, or adapt serial port data to parallel communication format.

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Product Name Notes
‧A USB/CAN communication converter ‧Extracts CAN message (incl. standard & extended frames), decodes and displays following DeviceNet and CANopen protocols. ‧Filters by set conditions ‧Sends CAN messages, 1 message by...
‧A USB/RS-485 communication converter for C2000 series AC motor drive only ‧Offers 9V power supply ‧Supports keypad (KPC-CC01) for VFD series AC motor drive in conducting parameter storage and page...
‧A USB/RS-485 communication converter ‧Supports baudrate 75 ~ 115,200 bps ‧No external power supply required ‧Auto-detects the direction of data flow ‧A USB portable device