Delta Electronics (Americas) Industrial Fieldbus Solution IFD6530


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Industrial Fieldbus Solution - IFD6530 - Delta Electronics (Americas)
Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
Industrial Fieldbus Solution IFD6530
‧A USB/RS-485 communication converter for C2000 series AC motor drive only ‧Offers 9V power supply ‧Supports keypad (KPC-CC01) for VFD series AC motor drive in conducting parameter storage and page editing in TPEditor software ‧Supports baudrate 75 ~ 115,200 bps ‧No external power supply required ‧Auto-detects the direction of data flow ‧A USB portable device
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  Delta Electronics (Americas)
Product Category Digital Parallel and Serial Converters
Product Number IFD6530
Product Name Industrial Fieldbus Solution
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