Pduke Technology, Inc. Datasheets for Board Mount Power Supplies

Board mount power supplies are devices that can be embedded or mounted on computer boards or general PCB boards.
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Product Name Notes
DSM (pair-gain) application
Fixed switching frequency, 2:1 wide input voltage range
Fixed switching frequency, 4:1 wide input voltage range
Fixed switching frequency, adjustable output voltage
Fixed switching frequency, six-sided continuous shield
Industry standard footprint, no minimum load, adjustable output voltage
International safety standard approval, 2:1 wide input voltage range
International safety standard approval, dual separate output
International safety standard approval, five-sided shield
ISDN application
No external input & output capacitor needed, 2:1 wide input voltage range
Package: 1.10" x 0.63" x 0.31", five-sided shield
Package: 1.12" x 0.81" x 0.33", five-sided shield
Package: 2" x 1.6" x 0.4", six-sided continuous shield
PI type input filter, five-sided EMI shield
Small size & low profile: 1.10" x 1.00" x 0.335", fixed switching frequency
Standard 24 pin DIP package, five-sided continuous shield
UL 94-V0 non-conducted case, internal input & output filter
UL 94-V0 non-conducted case, single-in-line package
UL94-V0 case potting materials, SIP package: 0.86" x 0.36" x 0.44"
XDSL application

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