CSC Scientific Company, Inc. Datasheets for Viscometers

Viscometers define viscous properties of a fluid at ambient or defined temperatures.
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Product Name Notes
Bostwick Consistometer A consistometer is a long trough separated near one end by a spring-loaded gate. The normal way to use the Consistometer is to measure the distance a sample flows in...
Bostwick Consistometer
CSC Bostwick Consistometer
CSC Bostwick Consistometer
Portable RM 100 Touch Viscometer Portable RM 100 Touch Viscometer with carrying case.
B-One Touch Viscometer with L1-L4 Spindle Set
B-One Touch with R2-R7 Spindle Set
Portable Black One Touch Viscometer
The First Touch Viscometer
The B-One TOUCH has a 7" touch screen. The B-ONE TOUCH lets you set measuring times for thixotropic products. Includes L1-L4 spindles.
Viscometer -- EMS-1000 The EMS-1000 Vicsometer provides contact-free measurement. The sample is placed in a disposable tube, and an aluminum sphere - also disposable - is dropped in. Inside the instrument, magnets...
Viscometer -- First Pro The First Pro Viscometer was built for those who want the capabilities of the DV2 Viscometer and the range, sturdiness, and reliability of Lamy instruments. A step between the First...
B-One Touch Viscometer Only viscometer with spindles included: choose between L1-L4 or R2-R7. Unlimited speed choice between 0.3 - 200 rpm Viscosity measurement range: 15 to 180,000,000 mPa·s
RM 100 Touch Viscometer Viscosity measurement range: 1 - 540,000,000 mPa·s More spindle options are compatible Save test parameters and data directly on the instrument Able to connect to temperature control accessories Optional UD...
First Touch Viscometer Viscosity measurement range: 3 to 180,000,000 mPa·s Includes PT 100 Temperature Sensor Send results to computer or printer via USB Control externally with optional VISCO-RM software