CSC Scientific Company, Inc. Viscometer EMS-1000

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Viscometer - EMS-1000 - CSC Scientific Company, Inc.
Fairfax, VA, United States
Viscometer EMS-1000
The EMS-1000 Vicsometer provides contact-free measurement. The sample is placed in a disposable tube, and an aluminum sphere - also disposable - is dropped in. Inside the instrument, magnets surrounding the tube create a rotating magnetic field that drives the motion of the sphere within the sample. The disposable tube and sphere allow for a sterile testing environment. There's no clean-up required at the end of the test. All you have to do is throw away the sample tube, preventing the possibility of cross-contamination between products or samples. Measurement accuracy for toxic, volatile, or air-sensetive samples is ensured with the EMS-1000 Viscometer's sealed measuring cell. A CMOS camera also makes it easy to observe coagulation or detect impurities by letting you see the sample tube during the test. Temperature control between 0 to 200oC is a built-in feature of the instrument. Tests can also be conducted at elevated pressures.
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Technical Specifications

  CSC Scientific Company, Inc.
Product Category Viscometers
Product Number EMS-1000
Product Name Viscometer
Technology / Test Method Vibratory / Oscillating Viscometry
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