CSC Scientific Company, Inc. Datasheets for Rheometers

Rheometers characterize a liquid according to its viscous properties and elastic responses.
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Product Name Notes
RM 200 Touch Rheometer Carry out your flow curves directly and see yield rates and thixotropy values
Rheometer -- DSR 500 CP 4000 Plus The DSR 500 CP 4000 Plus Rheometer is a flexible cone-plate rheometer that offers the same features as the RM 200 CP 4000 Plus Rheometer - integrated temperature probe, temperature...
Rheometer -- DSR 500 Plus The DSR 500 Plus Rheometer provides the full rheological features of the RM 200 Plus, while also allowing you to direct curves and control shear stress directly on the instrument.
RM 200 Touch Rheometer Widest speed range of 0.3 - 1500 rpm Generate and fit flow curves directly on the instrument Control externally with optional software Shear-rate imposed rheometer