CSC Scientific Company, Inc. Datasheets for Property Testing Equipment

Property testers are used to determine various physical properties of samples, including cloud point, distillation, flash point, freezing point, melting point, pour point, and vapor pressure.
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Product Name Notes
CSC Du Nouy Interfacial Tensiometer. Measures both upward and downward forces.
Evaluation for Paints, Inks, and additives for the coating process. Our most popular "work horse" automatic tensiometer. Accuracy = 0.2mN/m
Most advanced automatic tensiometer with additional capabilities including dynamic contact angle and powder contact angle. Accuracy = 0.02mN/m
Smart 100 Contact Angle Meter
The interfacial tensiometer is designed to measure both upward and downward forces on the DuNouy Ring.
This instrument is specified for determining interfacial tension of oil against water by the ring method D971 and solutions of surface-active agents in ASTM method D1331. It is also specified...