Kimberly-Clark Professional Datasheets for Wipes and Wipers

Wipes and wipers include wet, dry, and biocide-saturated microfiber cloth, paper, foam, and nonwoven sheets for medical, fiber optic, laboratory, electronic, and other critical cleaning applications.
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Product Name Notes
Foodservice Towels Foodservice Towels with HYDROKNIT* technology offer strong yet soft towels in a ¼ fold size. Combine superior performance and strength with guaranteed savings. Recent testing shows that WypAll* Foodservice Towels...
Extended Use Wipers For wiping small parts or reaching tight spaces while delivering the durability, absorbency and convenience you need for those small but important tasks. WYPALL* Detail Wipes are specially designed for...
Hygienic Wipers Hygienic Washcloths & Towels are strong, cloth-like disposables that are ideal for body cleansing and drying in healthcare environments. Professional Towels are strong enough to wipe off equipment, yet soft...
Cleanroom Wipers KIMTECH PURE* dry or pre-saturated wipers have been tested and certified to meet cleanroom performance standards.
General Purpose - Single Use Wipers Our SCOTT* Rags are multi-purpose, durable and absorbent, ideal for painting and staining projects, cleaning up and furniture polishing and maintenance.
Limited Use Wipers Wipers are durable, strong and versatile for everyday clean-up tasks. They easily absorb everything from large spills and machinery cleanup to wiping of the face and hands.