Yaskawa America, Inc. - Motion Division Datasheets for AC Servomotors

AC servomotors are responsive, high-acceleration motors typically constructed as permanent magnet synchronous motors.
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Product Name Notes
Sigma-7 Direct Drive Servo Motor -- SGM7D 1.3-240Nm torque, large bore Applications with large loads requiring high torque, precision, and rigidity will benefit from the iron core, outer rotor design of the SGM7D series motors. The large...
Sigma-7 Linear Servo Motor -- SGLF2 Series Second generation iron-core coil and magnet track components Linear servo motors contribute to improved machine functionality and performance with exceptional features such as high speed, fast acceleration, long strokes, smooth...
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-02B
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-04C
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-05B
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-07B
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-08D
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-10C
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-14C
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-16E
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-17D
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-1AM
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-1EN
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-25D
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-2ZN
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-35E
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-45M
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-80M
SGMCS Direct Drive Servomotor -- SGMCS-80N
0.02 - 3kW, high inertia The SGMCS servomotor line is designed for direct drive applications where the load is directly attached to the motor surface. Pre-tapped mounting holes and a...
SGMVV Sigma-5 Rotary Servomotor -- SGMVV-2B
SGMVV Sigma-5 Rotary Servomotor -- SGMVV-3G
SGMVV Sigma-5 Rotary Servomotor -- SGMVV-3Z
SGMVV Sigma-5 Rotary Servomotor -- SGMVV-4E
SGMVV Sigma-5 Rotary Servomotor -- SGMVV-5E
22kW, 30kW, 37kW, 45kW, 55kW The SGMVV large capacity brushless servomotor can be used in a variety of applications. Offered totally-enclosed, separately cooled, IP44 (except for shaft opening). Features Medium...
SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini Rotary Servomotor -- SGMMV-A1
SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini Rotary Servomotor -- SGMMV-A2
SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini Rotary Servomotor -- SGMMV-A3
SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini Rotary Servomotor -- SGMMV-B3
SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini Rotary Servomotor -- SGMMV-B5
SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini Rotary Servomotor -- SGMMV-B9
3.3W, 5.5W, 10W, 11W, 20W, 30W The SGMMV ultra-small capacity brushless servomotor can be used in a variety of applications. This ultra-compact unit comes in a wide selection of models...
Rotary Servo Motor -- SGM7P A shorter profile makes the SGM7P series one of Yaskawa's most compact servo motor offerings. It is well suited for applications where space is limited. The coils and rotor elements...
Sigma SD Spindle Motor A specialty servo motor engineered to meet the unique performance demands of machine tools. Built to function with exceptional efficiency and precision at a wide range of speed and torque...
Direct Drive Servo Motor -- SGM7F Directly connect a load to SGM7F and get backlash-free torsional stiffness in a compact package that makes application easier. An iron core design is coupled with a high resolution 24-bit...
Rotary Servo Motor -- SGM7A The general-purpose workhorse of the Sigma-7 line, SGM7A is available in a wide range of sizes and covers the capacity spectrum from low to medium power. Each of these brushless...
Rotary Servo Motor -- SGM7G The increased power demands of large automation components utilize the robust performance of SGM7G. These servo motors are built with a compact footprint, yet provide a higher torque while maintaining...
Rotary Servo Motor -- SGM7J The SGM7J was designed to maximize responsiveness in applications where precise load matching is of critical importance. This family of medium inertia rotary servo motors was created with low capacity...