Leading Edge Metals & Alloys, Inc. Datasheets for Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple wire is used to make or extend thermocouples. The wire connects thermocouples from the sensing point to the point of cold junction compensation (CJC).
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Product Name Notes
Thermocouple Alloy Constantan Constantan is a copper-nickel alloy used in a variety of thermocouple applications. It is paired with iron, copper and Chromel® to form types J, T and E thermocouples, respectively. Known...
Thermocouple Alloy Rhenium-Tungsten For use in extremely high-heat environments, type C thermocouples are made from alloys containing different rhenium-tungsten ratios. Rhenium-Tungsten is also used in traditional tungsten applications when greater ductility is desired.
Thermocouple Alloy Alumel® Used in conjunction with Chromel® in type K thermocouples, Alumel®1 is made of nickel, manganese, aluminum and silicon.
Thermocouple Alloy Chromel® Used with Alumel® in type K thermocouples and with Constantan in type E thermocouples, Chromel®2 is made of nickel and chromium.