Excel Cell Electronic USA Corp. Datasheets for Board to Board Connectors

Board to board connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards (PCB). Each terminal connects to a PCB.
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Product Name Notes
EBB-PH23 Series -- EBB-PH23-PA
EBB-PH23 Series -- EBB-PH23-SA
EBB-PR22 Series -- EBB-PR22-P
EBB-PR22 Series -- EBB-PR22-S
EBB-PR24 Series -- EBB-PR24-P
EBB-PR24 Series -- EBB-PR24-S
EBB-PR27 Series -- EBB-PR27-P
EBB-PR27 Series -- EBB-PR27-S
EBB-PR29 Series -- EBB-PR29-P
EBB-PR29 Series -- EBB-PR29-S
EBB-PS25 Series -- EBB-PS25-P
EBB-PS25 Series -- EBB-PS25-S
EBB-PT26 Series -- EBB-PT26-P
EBB-PT26 Series -- EBB-PT26-S
Board to board connectors, embossed type available
EBW-PK28 Series -- EBW-PK28-P
EBW-PK28 Series -- EBW-PK28-S
EBW-PM28 Series -- EBW-PM28-P
Board to wire connectors, embossed type available
EBW-PK23 Series -- EBW-PK23-P
EBW-PK23 Series -- EBW-PK23-S
Board to wire DIP connectors
EBW-PK26 Series -- EBW-PK26-P
EBW-PK26 Series -- EBW-PK26-S
Board to wire header connectors, embossed type available
EBW-CK22 Series -- EBW-CK22 Board to wire SMT connectors, embossed type available
ECC-PK24 Series -- ECC-PK24 Compact Flash card slot, three contacting points
ECC-PK25 Series -- ECC-PK25 Compact Flash card slot
EFC-PM29 Series -- EFC-PM29 Non-ZIF type board to FPC connectors
ECC-PK22 Series -- ECC-PK22 PCMCIA car connector, 3.3mm connector height
ECC-CL22 Series -- ECC-CL22 SIM card SMT connector, press-on type
ECC-CL23 Series -- ECC-CL23 Smart card SMT connector, side to contact IC card
EFC-PM23 Series -- EFC-PM23-P025
EFC-PM23 Series -- EFC-PM23-S025
ZIF type board to FPC connectors, 12+13 pin assignment
EFC-PM23 Series -- EFC-PM23-PA30
EFC-PM23 Series -- EFC-PM23-SA30
ZIF type board to FPC connectors, 15+15 pin assignment
EFC-PM23 Series -- EFC-PM23-P030
EFC-PM23 Series -- EFC-PM23-S030
ZIF type board to FPC connectors, 25+5 pin assignment
EFC-PT24 Series -- EFC-PT24 ZIF type board to FPC connectors, contact configuration options
EFC-PM22 Series -- EFC-PM22-FC
EFC-PM24 Series -- EFC-PM24
ZIF type board to FPC connectors