NBS Corp. Datasheets for Eyebolts

Eye bolts (eyebolts) are threaded bolts with a loop or eye at one end. The eye is used to anchor a cable, rope or chain.
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Product Name Notes
1/4-20 x 3" Open Eye Bolt, Zinc -- BOPEYE02003020Z
5/16-18 x 3-1/2" Open Eye Bolt, Zinc -- BOPEYE02503418Z
5/16-18 x 3-3/4" Open Eye Bolt, Zinc -- BOPEYE02503618Z
Featuring a circular loop and compatible with finished hex nuts, NBS’ open eye bolts are available from ¼” through 5/16” diameter. All eye bolts are sourced only from ISO-9001 accredited...
#6 x 2" Eye Screw, Zinc, -- SEYE006020Z
#6 x 2-1/4" Eye Screw, Zinc, -- SEYE006022Z
Featuring an enclosed circular loop, NBS’ eye bolts are available in #6 diameter. All eye screws are sourced only from ISO-9001 accredited manufacturers and come with zinc finish.