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Hilliard Corporation (The) Datasheets for Brake Controllers

Brake controllers are used to control braking systems. They can simply engage and disengage the brake, or control the speed of engagement, breakaway torque, and other variables.
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Product Name Notes
The H1 Power Unit is Hilliard's base model that includes on/off and ramped braking modes. There are many options available to customize the system to specific needs of the application.
The H3 Power Unit is Hilliard's most advanced Brake Control System. PID Loop Control monitors speed and continuously adjusts brake pressure to follow a preselected Start/Stop profile.
The H4 power unit is designed for use with brakes that require pressures over 3,000 PSI. These power units are highly customizable, allowing the customer to specify what type of...
The Hilliard Model H2 Power Unit incorporates an engineered hydraulic circuit to control the brake torque during an E-Stop. Large capacity hydraulic accumulators provide additional volume for precise control of...