Advanced Abrasives Corp. Datasheets for Specialty Fluids and Lubricants

Specialty fluids and lubricants include specialized, proprietary or unlisted lubricants or fluids.
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Product Name Notes
Alcohol Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Etha-Pol Blue Lubricant / Extender
Oil Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Petro-Pol Purple Lubricant / Extender
Universal Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Uni-Pol Yellow Lubricant / Extender
Water Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Aqua-Pol Green Lubricant / Extender
We have developed unique extenders and lubricants to compliment our complete line of Slurries, Suspensions and Compounds. Oil Base Extender/Lubricant - An oil soluble lubricant with low viscosity designed for...