Advanced Abrasives Corp. Datasheets for Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants are oils, fluids, greases and other compounds designed to reduce friction, binding or wear and exclude moisture. Specialized characteristics may enhance thermal conduction across thermal interfaces or reduce electrical resistivity across electrical joints.
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Product Name Notes
Alcohol Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Etha-Pol Blue Lubricant / Extender
Oil Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Petro-Pol Purple Lubricant / Extender
Universal Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Uni-Pol Yellow Lubricant / Extender
Water Base Diamond Extender/Lubricant -- Aqua-Pol Green Lubricant / Extender
We have developed unique extenders and lubricants to compliment our complete line of Slurries, Suspensions and Compounds. Oil Base Extender/Lubricant - An oil soluble lubricant with low viscosity designed for...