Darco Southern, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Tapes

Industrial tapes are used for adhesive bonding, thread sealing, masking, packaging, wrapping, electrical insulation, ESD control and other specialized applications.
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Product Name Notes
Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape
Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape
Tetraglas® Tape -- Impregnated w/ PTFE
Vermiculite Coated -- Industrial Grade Fiberglass Tape
In addition to out lines of Tetraglas® Tapes, Darco Southern, Inc. has produced a lower cost, lighter grade (45% less weight). The industrial grade tape is manufactured with texturized fiberglass...
Tetraglas® Tape Manufactured of texturized fiberglass yarns, Tetraglas Tape will withstand temperatures up to 1000oF in continuous service. Tetraglas Tape offers superior insulating properties as well as low chloride content.
Tetraglas® 3000 Woven Tape Tetraglas 3000 woven tapes are easy to wrap up to a radius of 90 degrees without buckling and offer a salvaged edge plus roll lengths of 100 feet standard.
Industrial Grade Vermiculited -- Fiberglass Tape
Tetraglas® Vermiculated -- Fiberglass Tape
This tape is manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarns then coated with Vermiculite. Tape will withstand temperature of 1500 degrees fahrenheit with excursions to 2000 degrees. This product is excellent for...
Industrial Grade PTFE Impregnated -- Fiberglass Tape This tape offers the advantages of a non-asbestos material with higher temperature range and with excellent resistance to almost all solvents, caustics and acids.
Tetraglas® 3000 Slit Tape Other widths available upon request
Tetraglas® 3000 Folded & Stitched Other widths available upon request, multiple layers (2 or 3)